1. One of my favorite scenes from La Roman de Renard, directed by Wladyslaw and Irene Starewicz, 1930.

    La Roman de Renard (Tale of the Fox) is one of the earliest stop-motion animated films, and it greatly impressed me. Wladyslaw Starewicz’s career went from early experiments, filming insects and manipulating their little bodies stop-motion style once the hot lights killed them, to creating this incredible remake of a French fable. La Roman de Renard reportedly took 10 years to plan, and 18 months to shoot. What gets me is that he paid such close attention to detail (the inhale and exhale of the Lion Queen’s chest as she fawns over the serenading Cat, the movement of each animal’s eyes, the background behaviors of the lesser characters) and made it all look surprisingly natural. A smile crept onto my face at the beginning of this film and stayed there throughout.
    Many thanks to the Boo for finding this and knowing I’d love it.

    You can watch the entire film *here* thanks to MissBillieDove’s playlist.